Mss Logistics dedicated warehouse solutions are just the right size, in just the right place, for just the right length of time. You don’t pay for space you don’t need; we’ll find you the perfect fit! Let us help diagnose your warehousing challenges, develop inventory management solutions and then make those solutions work where it matters – out there in the real world.

Easy & Convenient

Our experience in the industry has enabled us to find innovative ways to offer customized services based on your requirements.

Safe & Secure

Your errand will be handled with professional team that assure safety of your cargo..

Special Services

  • Logistics Plus warehousing and distribution service options:
    • Total warehousing management
    • Inbound and outbound process with back office support
    • Receiving, storage, and packaging areas
    • Heavy-lift and industrial-sized cargo
    • Pick, pack, and ship fulfillment solutions.