Cargo Consolidation & Deconsolidation.

Mss Logistics can help customers decrease their shipping budgets through consolidation & deconsolidation services. If you are shipping your product from points across Tanzania to one destination abroad, we are able to use domestic  carriers into a central location where we will consolidate all of your orders. We can then ship one large errand order across the border to save on shipping and customs clearance costs.

Easy & Convenient

Our experience in the industry has enabled us to find innovative ways to offer customized services based on your requirements.

Safe & Secure

Your errand will be handled with professional team that assure safety of your cargo..

Special Services

  • Cargo Consolidation.

    Mss can also offer the same services throughout Tanzania; consolidating your orders from throughout Tanzania to one central location and crossing the border as one large order into your preferred destination.

  • Deconsololidation.

    For immediate deliveries,Mss Logistics can also process a single shipment into several smaller shipments to meet specific delivery requirements, domestically or cross border. Our deconsolidation service helps businesses reach multiple customers with the most cost effective service offering.